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Maple Grove Baptist Church of Jackson, Michigan, welcomes you with open arms!  We are so glad you are planning to join us! 

Take the tour so you can know what to expect when you arrive.


Sunday School Lesson at 10 AM

Sunday Morning Service at 11 AM

Sunday Evening Service at 6 PM


Wednesday nights at 7 PM

Join us as we share prayer requests, read updates from our missionaries, and study the Bible together.

Discover your Destiny -

Heaven or Hell?

The choice is yours.  

Watch this short video about the importance of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection and how it impacts you.

Or call our toll-free number and listen to a short voice recording at 1-855-505-8023.



If you just prayed and asked Christ to be your Savior (after calling our toll-free number or watching our video), we are so happy for you!  Please type "more" in the subject or message line so we can share more information with you on being a Christian.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

6508 Cooper Road

Jackson, MI 49203



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Do you know what is coming next?

Here's your chance to find out.

Join us this September as we explore end-time prophecies, what is in store for both the Christian and non-Christian, and how to best prepare.

Presented by Pastor Rusty Chatfield,

Hosted by Pastor Charles E. Lang